About Us

At Advanced Productivity Computing, we help you take full advantage of today’s best technology by designing, implementing, and supporting systems that meet your needs, suit your budget, and deliver the performance you deserve. In today’s fast-moving markets you need more than a fix when things go wrong; you need robust systems that stand up to pressure, that keep going when components fail, and that can get you back up and back in the game when disaster strikes.

We can handle all of your information technology functions or work with your IT department. Either way, we help free your staff for strategic operations that build your business, while providing specialized expertise you need without adding staff. At Advanced Productivity Computing, we don’t just provide hardware, software, and services. We deliver productivity, security, and business continuity.

Our goal is to deliver solutions that address your business, your objectives, your priorities, and the challenges you face. Your solution can be as unique as your company, combining hardware, software, and services that meet your needs – that can help you grow and then grow and change with you. On-site or off, physical or virtual, in your back room or in “the cloud”, Advanced Productivity Computing handles the complexities of the IT world so you can focus on the complexities of yours.